U19 Virtual Retreat


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U19 Virtual Retreat

June 15, 2020
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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Outline of discussion:

  • Brief overview of U19 goals and progress summary (Rui - SLIDES)
  • DataJoint - brief summary (Yaki - SLIDES) ~20 minutes
    • What is it
    • where are we and what is ready for use


  • (1) Localization - role of different brain areas in motor and muscle control ~ 30 minutes (Mod: Alice)
    • Motor cortex dynamics in relation to muscle activity (Rui, Mark…)
    • Other cortical areas (Elizabeth, Mark, Larry…), 
    • Basal ganglia (Rui, Anders, Ines), 
    • Thalamus (Randy - SLIDES), 
    • Cerebellum (Nate - SLIDES)
    • How do different areas talk to each other?
      • Cross-cortical
      • Cerebellar output and BG output to thalamus 


  • (2) Motor sequences ~ 30 minutes (Mod: Shreya)
    • M1 and M2 /SMA (Mark, Abby)
    • Basal Ganglia (Rui, Anders, Ines)
    • Cortico-thalamic basal ganglia network (Sean - SLIDES, Larry, Laureline, Rui…)


BREAK - Pictionary game!


  • (3) Behavioral measures/tasks ~ 30 minutes (Mod: Alice)
    • Designing behavioral tasks to isolate specific aspects of motor control/learning
    • what are we measuring & what are we missing (hidden variables?)
    • Are there postural changes or locomotion during the task that we’re not accounting for
    • Movement vs arousal signals (Ken Harris & Matteo Carandini papers) (Mark, Rui, Elizabeth, Darcy, Mark)
    • Are neuronal signals 1:1 with EMG signals?  (Alice)
    • Consistent measures - what is movement and how to really measure?
      • Single neuron - single muscle (Alice, Najja, Ines)
      • kinematic muscle-skeletal model (John Cunningham, James, Taiga)
      • DeepLabCut (Nate)


  • (4) Computational methods across datasets ~ 30 minutes (Mod: Shreya)
    • Divergent analysis on imaging data (Abby, Mark, Elizabeth, Darcy)
    • Measure ‘tangling’ in different cortical areas (Mark)
    • big data analysis (Larry, Liam, Yaki, Darcy…)


  • future directions
    • Unbiased classification of corticospinal neuron subtypes - cell types vs targets (sensory vs motor neurons) 
    • The spine to the muscle


Subtopics for follow-up meetings:

  • Behavioral tasks - pros & cons of each
  • Imaging tools and analysis


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Gabriela Martins