Research Projects

Project 1: Corticospinal Populations

Anatomical and functional characterization of the role of projection-specific populations of corticospinal neurons in motor control

  • What is the function of corticospinal neurons versus other motor cortex neurons in motor control?

  • Are there projection-specific populations of corticospinal neurons? Functional significance?


Project 2: Inter-Areal Dynamics

Long-range cortical and subcortical dynamics in relation to corticospinal output neurons

  • What is the activity of other cortical and subcortical areas during motor control tasks?

  • How does this activity relate/contribute to the activity of corticospinal neurons versus other neurons in motor control?


Project 3: Computational Principles

Extracting computational principles governing the relation between brain activity and muscle activity that are conserved between rodents and primates

  • Are these principles different between different brain areas? And between species?

  • Are they different between corticospinal neurons and non-corticospinal neurons?


Project 4: Modeling Multi-Area Dynamics

Modeling multi-area dynamics during motor control

  • Can we develop models that explain the contributions of different populations/brain areas to behavior?

  • How do certain neural dynamics emerge and relate to behavior?


Project 5: Closed-Loop Manipulations

Dissecting the contributions of activity in specific neural populations to motor control using closed-loop optogeneticmanipulations

  • Target manipulations to specific anatomical or functional subpopulations

  • Test the predictions from the other projects and loop back to observation/analyses/model


Research Core - Data Science

To support the activities of the Research Projects and Advanced Imaging and Instrumentation Core, our Data Science Resource Core draws upon the expertise of an exceptional interdisciplinary team with expertise in computer infrastructure, analysis and modeling, data science, statistics, machine learning and the teaching and training of data science methods.

Research Core - Imaging and Instrumentation

The mission of the Advanced Imaging and Instrumentation Core is to develop and effectively deploy powerful optical platforms and engineering solutions that enable the Research Project Teams to deliver on their ambitious scientific goals. To do this, we integrate and support cutting-edge instrumentation through expert guidance, collaborative interaction, education, and service.

Research Support Core - Administrative

The Administrative Core provides the organizational framework for the Columbia University Motor Control Team-Research BRAIN Circuit Program (TeamBCP) U19.



U19 Organizational Chart