Neural Trajectories in the Supplementary Motor Area and Motor Cortex Exhibit Distinct Geometries, Compatible With Different Classes of Computation

Russo AA, Khajeh R, Bittner SR, Perkins SM, Cunningham JP, Abbott LF, Churchland MM.

Postingestive Modulation of Food Seeking Depends on Vagus-Mediated Dopamine Neuron Activity

Fernandes AB, Alves da Silva J, Almeida J, Cui G, Gerfen CR, Costa RM, Oliveira-Maia AJ.

Neural control of virtual ego-motion enabled by an opportunistic decoding strategy

Karen E Schroeder, Sean M Perkins, Qi Wang, Mark M Churchland

Localized Semi-Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (LocaNMF) of Widefield Calcium Imaging Data

Saxena S, Kinsella I, Musall S, Kim SH, Meszaros J, Thibodeaux DN, Kim C, Cunningham J, Hillman EMC, Churchland A, Paninski L.

EASE: EM-Assisted Source Extraction from calcium imaging data

Pengcheng Zhou, Jacob Reimer, Ding Zhou, Amol Pasarkar, Ian Kinsella, Emmanouil Froudarakis, Dimitri V Yatsenko, Paul G Fahey, Agnes Bodor, JoAnn Buchanan, Dan Bumbarger, Gayathri Mahalingam, Russel Torres, Sven Dorkenwald, Dodam Ih, Kisuk Lee, et al.

Postural Control of Arm and Fingers Through Integration of Movement Commands

Albert ST, Hadjiosif AM, Jang J, Zimnik AJ, Soteropoulos DS, Baker SN, Churchland MM, Krakauer JW, Shadmehr R.

Remembrance of things practiced: Fast and slow learning in cortical and subcortical pathways

James M. Murray, G. Sean Escola


Neural Reinforcement: Re-Entering and Refining Neural Dynamics Leading to Desirable Outcomes

Athalye VR, Carmena JM, Costa RM.

A model of flexible motor sequencing through thalamic control of cortical dynamics

Laureline Logiaco, L.F. Abbott, Sean Escola

Motor Cortex Signals for Each Arm Are Mixed Across Hemispheres and Neurons Yet Partitioned Within the Population Response

Ames KC, Churchland MM.

Real-time Volumetric Microscopy of in Vivo Dynamics and Large-Scale Samples With SCAPE 2.0

Voleti V, Patel KB, Li W, Perez Campos C, Bharadwaj S, Yu H, Ford C, Casper MJ, Yan RW, Liang W, Wen C, Kimura KD, Targoff KL, Hillman EMC.

What, If, and When to Move: Basal Ganglia Circuits and Self-Paced Action Initiation

Klaus A, Alves da Silva J, Costa RM.

Light-Sheet Microscopy in Neuroscience

Hillman EMC, Voleti V, Li W, Yu H.

Positional Strategies for Connection Specificity and Synaptic Organization in Spinal Sensory-Motor Circuits

Balaskas N, Abbott LF, Jessell TM, Ng D.

A zero-inflated gamma model for post-deconvolved calcium imaging traces

Xue-Xin Wei, Ding Zhou, Andres Grosmark, Zaki Ajabi, Fraser Sparks, Pengcheng Zhou, Mark Brandon, Attila Losonczy, Liam Paninski

Penalized matrix decomposition for denoising, compression, and improved demixing of functional imaging data

E. Kelly Buchanan, Ian Kinsella, Ding Zhou, Rong Zhu, Pengcheng Zhou, Felipe Gerhard, John Ferrante, Ying Ma, Sharon Kim, Mohammed Shaik, Yajie Liang, Rongwen Lu, Jacob Reimer, Paul Fahey, Taliah Muhammad, Graham Dempsey, Elizabeth Hillman, Na Ji, Andreas

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