Research Support Core - Administrative

The Administrative Core provides the organizational framework for the Columbia University Motor Control Team-Research BRAIN Circuit Program (TeamBCP) U19.



Project Abstract

The Administrative Core oversees the coordination and integration of all U19 Program functions; guides and facilitates interactions between the Project and Core leaders, Principal Investigators, and research staff; provides rigorous and regular fiscal oversight of the research projects and cores; ensures that the U19 TeamBCP maximizes the utilization of existing and established resources; and facilitates data, technology and information sharing and collaboration with key BRAIN Initiative stakeholders and the greater neuroscience research community. The core is lead by our U19 Team Director, Rui Costa, and has an Internal Advisory Committee, a Data Science management sub-committee, an External Advisory Committee and a dedicated staff Program Manager, Dr. Gabriela Martins.

The core a) provides overall coordination and support for the TeamBCP U19 research activities, b) fosters growth of the Motor Control research within and beyond our research team, c) oversees and ensures resource dissemination and outreach, and d) fiscal and administrative management of cores and research projects. The Internal Advisory Committee meets monthly to discuss all administrative issues and to provide scientific direction for the program. Dr. Costa will chair these meetings. The needs, usage, and effectiveness of the Cores are assessed at these meetings and any obstacles to progress are identified. Each Core, including the Administrative Core, presents a status update on any outstanding scientific, administrative or budgetary issues that require immediate attention. These regular meetings ensure that the program can address problems in a timely manner. They also serve to make decisions about the resources, priorities, efforts and data access for the whole program, and to resolve potential conflicts. The Internal Data Science Subcommittee meets at least once a year, with more frequent ad hoc meetings with individual advisory members to review Data Science Core specific issues and report back to the IAC.