Gabriela J. Martins

Program Manager

Dr. Gabriela Martins, who holds a PhD in Neuroscience specializing in motor control, assists with all aspects of scientific coordination and planning through the Administrative Core. She provides essential support to ensure regulatory compliance, documentation and reporting. Dr. Martins manages all external communication for the project including responding to requests for resource sharing, as well as managing and facilitating communication with BRAIN Initiative program staff and interactions with the U19 consortium. She also oversees organization of the monthly Motor Club seminar series to engage the broader motor control and advanced in-vivo imaging, measurement and modeling communities.

Dr. Martin ensures that all meetings are planned and documented while following up on items to be addressed. She ensure that results and news are reported on the project’s dedicated website in a timely manner. Dr. Martin will organize the site visit with the EAB in years 2 and 4. Working closely with the Data Science core leader, Dr. Bose, the Dr. Martin will coordinate the development of the program’s website and will track all data sharing for reporting purposes.